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UnFair The Movie

Craig and crew attend the Anti- IRS rally in Washington DC, filming content for the upcoming release of the movie: UnFair, exposing the IRS Scandal.  Check out the show here: Be sure and check out the Movie Facebook page

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UNsustainable Press Coverage

Here are a few links to the stories being written about our new movie:  UNsustainable. Conservative radio talk show host Craig Bergman is sick of Republicans failing to appeal to environmentalists, and he’s making a documentary to try to bridge

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Economics 101 – Why Cyprus Matters!

In this show Craig Bergman puts on the professor’s robe and takes us on a walk through of the financial crisis in Europe and explains the very complicated monetary system in simple, easy to follow terms and examples. Listen along

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Marriage is NOT a Civil Right!

This Easter weekend, Craig and Jamie talk with us about the pending cases before the Supreme Court which may redefine and thus destroy the institution of Marriage forever. Listen as they talk about why these cases are so critical to

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