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Here are a few links to the stories being written about our new movie:  UNsustainable.

Conservative radio talk show host Craig Bergman is sick of Republicans failing to appeal to environmentalists, and he’s making a documentary to try to bridge the gap.


A team of acclaimed filmmakers is spearheading Unsustainable: Conservative activists Craig Bergman and Judd Saul teamed with famed documentary producer John Sullivan for a new film titled Unsustainable, a film about our common interest in enacting sensible policies that lead to both environmental and economic prosperity. It is also the first major documentary to shed light on the certain damage Agenda 21 will wreck on our liberties while doing nothing to improve or support environmentally friendly policies.


Judd Saul and Craig Bergman are spokesmen for the independent “crunchy-con” movement. Crunchy-Cons are conservatives who stand for local community directed planning and control of sustainable science initiatives. They believe that the rights of individuals have to balance with the long term management of ecological resources in a manner consistent with the rights of the American people.


Conservative radio talk show host Craig Bergman and Award winning film producer Judd Saul have a new movie coming out.  Check out UNsustainable on facebook.


““UNsustainable” is a feature length motion picture documentary that will chronicle the origins and goals of Agenda 21, and discuss how we choose to face these issues while upholding individual rights and liberty.” Said Political Activist Craig Bergman.


Agenda 21 Movie UNsustainable features two longtime political activists Judd Saul and Craig Bergman.


Conservative activists Craig Bergman and Judd Saul teamed with famed documentary producer John Sullivan for a new film titled Unsustainable.  Bergman and Saul run the political consulting firm, The Robert Morris Group.





Release Date

Fall 2013


Political Documentary


Rocky Mountian Pictures / Saul Bergman Productions / Gadsden Films

Directed By

Judd Saul

Written By

Craig Bergman

Screenplay By

Saul – Bergman

Produced By

John Sullivan




Judd Saul is an activist, filmmaker, and lifelong resident of Cedar Falls. A pillar of his community, Saul has become renowned for his tireless dedication to the welfare of the area and the country.  Saul has produced an array of projects, including programs for Discovery and HDNet. His best-known project is Frag, a critically-acclaimed documentary about the world of professional video gaming. Frag won several festival rewards and had a marked impact on the professional video gaming industry it portrayed. Saul’s activism has made headlines nationwide.

Craig Bergman is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, political campaign adviser, and pro-environment crunchy-con who has managed multiple campaigns nationally.

Unsustainable will discuss proven, effective policies that would not only ensure both economic and environmental prosperity, but do so in a way that suits the needs of individual communities. The film will be the first major documentary to reveal the truth about Agenda 21, a UN plan whose scale and reach is incomparable. Most importantly, the audiences will learn that only by working together can we preserve both our environment and our liberties.


Craig Bergman interview.


Conservative radio talk show host Craig Bergman is sick of Republicans failing to appeal to environmentalists, and he’s making a documentary to try to bridge the gap. He’s behind a new Kickstarter campaign[1] for “Unsustainable,” the documentary underway that Bergman hopes will provide common sense solutions for environmental concerns. Part of his challenge, however, is to convince people that this isn’t a right-wing film. Bergman himself is a long time crunchy-con.


“We are conservatives but we believe there is a vast swath of common ground,” Craig Bergman told POLITICO. “This is not a right wing, radical, beat ‘em up, red meat movie.”

He added, “We’re not trying to get into the, ‘I’m right, you’re wrong,’ debate. That’s the whole problem. We’re trying to get into what used to be old fashioned politics, which was two people who would sit down, both wanting the same result, to protect the environment and then deciding how best, under our constitutional framework of liberties and individual rights, do we get there? we haven’t had that on this issue in 30 years.”





Yesterday’s Take it to the Hill radio show is up online!  I talked to Col. Allen West, Sen. Rick Santorum,  Doc Thompson from TheBlaze, Craig Bergman from the new movie UNsustainable, Marc Hyden and Ben Jones from Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, and the one and only Tony Katz!  Listen to the great post-CPAC show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EPzEa9aTe4


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