Rand Paul’s Betrayal!

sen-rand-paul-1Rand Paul’s vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of State disqualifies him from serious consideration as a candidate for the presidency by conservatives. This is not so much because of his break with his own party, being only one of four Republicans to have voted for Hagel.  Nor is it all about his perceived anti-Semitic views or the troubling history his father had on this subject. And it is not as much about the fact that Hagel refused to answer certain questions or is of questionable competency for the job.

Any of the above would be justifiable grounds in defense of a “No” vote.  All of them combined assuredly do.  But, on top of these very troubling issues, Rand Paul’s statement that “The President gets his pick” is right out of the Orin Hatch playbook.  It is an unconstitutional abdication of the duty and oath of office of a US Senator.

The Paul family has made “following the Constitution” a cornerstone of their campaigns.  Rand Paul should know better than to use such a pathetic excuse.  Senator, it does not ring true.  Senator, what part of “advice and consent” did you not understand?

If Rand Paul is to be believed, that the President gets whom he chooses and that the Senate does not have a role or duty to reject unsuited or unqualified applicants, then where is Chief Justice Robert Bork?

Sir!  You have been had, or you are trying to have us.  It is one way or it is the other.  Rand Paul has either failed at his constitutional duty, does not understand his duty, or is lying to us about his true reasons for voting to confirm Hagel.

Which is it Senator?  You were against him before you were for him?  So what gives?  Are you incompetent or lying?  Ii is difficult to draw any other conclusion other than “he is lying”.  I believe he knows the Constitution. So is this just spin to cover a vote which would otherwise expose a reprehensible anti-Semitic deed?  One cannot look at facebook, lewrockwell.com, or any of the “Paul” fan pages and forums and not see this ugliness staring back at them.

The fact is that the only ones defending his vote are doing so with the most virulent Jew bashing ever seen. If you are remotely considering a serious campaign for the Presidency, and you have a perceived “Jewish” problem, the last thing on Earth you should be doing is voting for a Chuck Hagel, when 90% of your party and your party’s base is opposed to it on those very grounds.

This is what is known as political suicide.  Picking up the hottest of hot button issues, one that clearly divides along partisan lines, and for which you already have serious issues of credibility and then voting against all those factors and attempting to defend it with an unsound, unconstitutional, RINO talking point.

Senator Rand Paul: Do not bother coming to Iowa; or South Carolina for that matter.  You are finished!.  Done!  This is one of those haunting votes that cannot be undone, forgiven, mitigated or forgotten.  No sir, it is a defining vote.  The apple has not only not fallen far from the tree; it didn’t even make it to the ground.  It got stuck in the nook and there it has rotted and tried to take root.

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