He Lies, Again! The State of the Union, 2013.

bho4321Congressman Joe Wilson, famously said “You Lie” when Obama addressed the Congress in 2009. Well, in 2013, he lied again.  Craig and Jamie take on the state of the union speech as well as the later speeches from the official Republican response by Senator Marco Rubio and the so-called Tea Party response by Senator Rand Paul. Listen in and learn why ‘none of the above’ presented the whole truth of the matter.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560753834 Paula Coyle

    I still wonder why Wilson had to apologize. Oh for a man who would do what he did and not back down and turn conciliatory. Lord send us someone with fortitude to take a stand (a GOOD stand not just any stand) and NOT FLINCH.