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AWC130The Scottish Vote For Independence9/20/2014
AWC129The New 911 Threats9/13/2014
AWC128A Look at the US Senate Elections of 20149/6/2014
AWC127The Threat of ISIS8/30/2014
AWC126More on the Ferguson Police Situation8/23/2014
AWC125What Is Going On In Ferguson Missouri?8/16/2014
AWC124The Answer To The Voter Fraud In Mississippi8/9/2014
AWC123Why Principles Matter8/2/2014
AWC122The Fight to Preserve Marriage7/26/2014
AWC121The Truth About The Border Situation7/19/2014
AWC120Troops In The Streets of Chicago7/12/2014
AWC119The Declaration of Independence7/5/2014
AWC118The Mississippi Primary 20146/28/2014
AWC117Huckabee On Judicial Supremacy6/21/2014
AWC116The Truth About The ProLife Movement6/14/2014
AWC115Why Obama is NOT a Failure6/7/2014
AWC114It's The Economy Stupid5/31/2014
AWC113The IRS Scandal Gets Worse5/24/2014
AWC112The 2016 Election Outlook5/17/2014
AWC111Update on UnFair The Movie5/10/2014
AWC110The Five Enemies of God and Liberty5/3/2014
AWC109Why Heaven is For Real but the Movie is Bad Theology4/26/2014
AWC108Why The GOP Will Betray Us On Amnesty4/19/2014
AWC107Live From CPAC 2014 Part D4/12/2014
AWC106Live From CPAC 2014 Part C4/5/2014
AWC105Live From CPAC 2014 Part B3/29/2014
AWC104Peter Schwartz on War and Morality3/22/2014
AWC103Interview with SC Candidates for US Senate3/15/2014
AWC102Live From CPAC 2014 Part A3/8/2014
AWC101The Death of Religious Liberty3/1/2014
AWC100Weekly News Update2/22/2014
AWC099A Look at 2014 Elections and Issues2/15/2014
AWC098The Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate2/8/2014
AWC097Larry Brinkman (Adult Content)2/1/2014
AWC096The Reality of Net Neutrality1/25/2014
AWC095Police Corruption and Betrayal1/18/2014
AWC094Why Legislators Suing the Government in Court is a Bad Thing1/11/2014
AWC093It's a Trap: The False Hope of the Convention of the States1/4/2014
AWC092Highlights on 2013 - The Year in Review12/28/2013
Taking a look at Common Core12/21/2013
AWC090John Griffing Shares his views on Obama Care12/14/2013
AWC089The real Nelson Mandella12/7/2013
AWC088The Threat to Western Civilization: Nuclear Iran11/30/2013
AWC087We Don't Seek Smaller Government, but Righteous Government11/23/2013
AWC086One Year of National Syndication11/16/2013
AWC085Tom Hoefling and I discuss the 2013 Election Results11/9/2013
AWC084The Problem with the Cuccinelli Campaign for Governor of Virginia11/2/2013
AWC083Why the 2014 Caucuses Matter for 201610/26/2013
AWC082Who Is Really To Blame for the Debt Showdown10/19/2013
AWC081Talking UnFair The Movie with the Directors10/12/2013
AWC080Live from CPAC St Louis 2013 Part Two10/5/2013
AWC079Live from CPAC St Louis 2013 Part One9/28/2013
AWC078An Inside Look at the Betrayal of Congress9/21/2013
AWC077Discussing the Movie: Shooting The President9/14/2013
AWC076The War in Syria Continued9/7/2013
AWC075The Truth About The War in Syria8/31/2013
AWC074Comparing Manning to Snowden8/24/2013
AWC073Talking About our UnFair Movie Bus Tour8/17/2013
AWC072An Interview with Joe Miller of Alaska8/10/2013
AWC071The 2013 Summer Update8/3/2013
AWC070The Truth About The ProLife Movement7/27/2013
AWC069All About George Zimmerman7/20/2013
AWC068The Truth Behind The Texas Abortion Ban7/13/2013
AWC067DOMA and Prop 8 - The Real Story7/6/2013
AWC066An Interview with Leo Linbeck III 6/29/2013
AWC065Abolish The IRS Rally in DC 6/22/2013
AWC064UnFair The Movie: The IRS Scandal6/15/2013
AWC063The Best of America's Wake Up Call6/8/2013
AWC062Jamie Johnson - Teaches On The Constitution6/1/2013
AWC061The End of The Boy Scouts of America5/25/2013
AWC060Why These Scandals Are False Flags5/18/2013
AWC059Why Benghazi is not the smoking gun5/11/2013
AWC058UNsustainable Movie5/4/2013
AWC057Boston Was Not A Police State4/27/2013
AWC056The Boston Marathon Bombing4/20/2013
AWC055Natural Law - Knowing Your God Given Rights4/13/2013
AWC054Economics 101 - Cyprus as an example4/6/2013
AWC053Marriage Is NOT A Civil Right3/30/2013
AWC052America's Wake Up Call Is One Year Old3/23/2013
AWC051Live from CPAC in Washington D.C.3/16/2013
AWC050Live from the National Religious Broadcaster's convention in Nashville3/9/2013
AWC049Rand Paul's Betrayal: The Vote for Hagel3/2/2013
AWC048Homosexual Assault on Marriage Continues2/23/2013
AWC047He Lies, Again! The State of the Union 20132/16/2013
AWC046Karl Rove's War on Conservatives and the US Senate Races for 20142/9/2013
AWC045Discussing Nullification, The Gun Grab and Rand Paul2/2/2013
AWC044How to Raise a Strong Willed Child1/26/2013
AWC043Ireland Outreach International's Mission in Nigeria1/19/2013
AWC042What is happening to the Christians in Syria?1/12/2013
AWC041America is Now 20 Trillion in Debt1/5/2013
AWC040The Year in Review - 201212/29/12
AWC039The Real Santa Clause12/22/12
AWC038Scaling the Fiscal Cliff 12/15/12
AWC037An Hour with Rev Ken Hutcherson 12/8/12
AWC036Discussion on the UN Vote recognizing Palestine 12/1/12
AWC035News: Gaza Truce and Lincoln, the movie. 11/24/12
AWC034Discussion of the Petraeus Affair and other news. 11/17/12
AWC033Craig & Jamie share their election analysis. 11/10/12
AWC032A state by state breakdown of election predictions. 11/2/2012
AWC031An analysis of presidential election strategies. 10/27/2012
AWC030Romney's Pro-Abortion ads on TV.10/20/2012
AWC029Ryan and Biden, Vice Presidential Debate.10/13/2012
AWC028Craig & Jamie discuss the first presidential debate.10/06/2012
AWC027Discussing The Half A Million Voter Guide Drop in Iowa9/29/2012
AWC026Americas Wake Up Call has Been on the Air for Six Months9/22/2012
AWC025Discussing Our Agenda 21 Movie: Unsustainable9/15/2012
AWC024My take on the DNC Convention with Jamie Johnson9/8/2012
AWC023My take on the GOP Convention and the 2012 Election9/1/2012
AWC022An Interview with Producer, Writer, Director John Sullivan8/25/2012
AWC021An Interview with former US Senate Candidate Joe Miller of Alaska8/18/2012
AWC020An Exposition On Roman's Chapter 6 with Jonathan Williams8/11/2012
AWC019We Review the Movie Agenda (not Agenda 21)8/4/2012
AWC018Take Stand for Chick-fil-A7/28/2012
AWC017The Case for an Islamic Anti-Christ7/21/2012
AWC016News, Comment and the Vice Presidency for 20127/14/2012
AWC015More Discussion on the ObamaCare Tax7/7/2012
AWC014The Real Problem and The Real Cure for the ObamaCare Tax6/30/2012
AWC013The Tea-Vangelical Movement6/23/2012
AWC012Standing Firm on Principles is a Winning Strategy6/16/2012
AWC011The War Against Praying in Jesus Name6/9/2012
AWC010Nullification of Federal Law by the States6/2/2012
AWC009The Homosexual Agenda with Matt Barber5/26/2012
AWC008With Christ in the Voting Booth5/19/2012
AWC007Personood's Pro Life vs Regulation's Pro Abortion5/12/2012
AWC006Why Christians and Patriots CANNOT Vote For Mitt Romney 5/5/2012
AWC005United Nation's Agenda for the 21st Century4/28/2012
AWC004The FairTax with Congressman Steve King4/21/2012
AWC003The History and Threat of Islam: Bill Federer4/14/2012
AWC002Interview with Tea Party Charlie4/7/2012
AWC001The Five Enemies of God and Liberty3/30/2012

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